A very different consulting and CPA firm

K·Coe Isom brings measurable impact to businesses and families. Want to preserve wealth, boost working capital, expand, ensure a smooth business transition, or thrive in difficult situations?
We improve lives and businesses in food and agriculture, banking, manufacturing, education, construction, and technology.

Value Creation

Agree on the purpose, impact and worth of your project, up front. Only hire us if we'll make your company or situation better.

Critical Depth

Access top talent: experts and leaders who understand what you do from your perspective.

Distinct Abilities

Inspired team members make the greatest difference in the lives of our clients. Let us do the same for you.

"We are continually impressed with the level of staff expertise and the firm’s willingness to cross divisions to bring in the right people to answer tough questions."

"K·Coe Isom gives us the peace of mind that what we're doing is being done right. You can't place a value on that feeling of confidence."

"My ability to utilize your firm as a "one-stop shop" for support across a variety of disciplines -from Human Resources to Operations - has become a prized feature of our relationship."

For nearly 90 years, K·Coe Isom has impacted operators that cover millions of acres of grain and permanent crops, and approximately 1 in every 5 head of beef cattle produced in America. We also work with top dairies, equipment dealers and food companies.

See what's going on at K∙Coe Isom.

K·Coe Isom Invites Four to Partnership in the Firm

Blake Allen, Doug Claussen, Tommy Irvine, and Kyle Rusten Bring Powerful Leadership Skills K·Coe Isom welcomes four firm leaders into [...]

Federal programs offer relief for producers devastated by recent wildfires

We have received several inquiries regarding the wildfires that have destroyed many thousands of acres and killed or displaced a [...]

K·Coe Isom Promotes Callahan, Martin, and Weatherman to Principal

Honoring Three Significant Contributors to Firm Growth and Customer Success April 7, 2016 - K·Coe Isom promotes Shellee Callahan, Peter [...]

What does it take to produce the world’s food?

Grit. Hard work. Stamina. And a whole lot of heart. We get it. Because many of us are immersed in food and agriculture. Our involvement doesn't end when we leave the office, and our commitment to U.S. food and agriculture is more than a slogan. We come from farms and ranches all across the continent and still raise crops and livestock. So grain, meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables, and food and beverage put food on our tables in more ways than one.

“When our fourth-generation farm and hog operation needed to plan for the future, we called on the accounting and consulting firm best known for agriculture succession planning, K·Coe Isom.”

Promoting the well-being and growth of over 150 community banks.

Our seasoned former bankers, CPAs, and business consultants leverage their critical depth of experience, guiding you through important, everyday issues—to help you maximize tax advantages, minimize risk throughout the bank, and increase profitability.

“We appreciate the firm’s expertise to guide us through reaching the billion dollar mark and we like knowing we don’t have to reinvent procedures as K·Coe Isom has already worked through similar situations.”

Keep pace with dynamic economic conditions.

We offer years of experience working with privately-held and family-owned manufacturing companies, partnering with you to ensure you maximize incentives, use allowable deductions, and manage expenses. Unearthing tax benefits and improving your margin is our passion.

While you manage the moving parts,
we plan for your financial success.

Sometimes it means generating better cash flow through entity restructuring. Sometimes it means securing competitive equipment financing. Other times, it means succession planning so that you can smoothly transition the company. In every instance, we bring innovative and sound accounting practices to the table.

Protecting your organization's financial integrity.

Find out why all levels of learning institutions turn to us for worry-free financial reporting that meets community and government expectations. Well-versed on the issues unique to California education funding, accounting, and finance, we reduce the anxiety associated with audits, smoothly implement new professional standards, and identify ways to improve internal controls.

Seeing you through various stages of growth.

Mezzanine funding for product development. Entity restructuring for increased cash flow. Buy-sell agreements that capture the value of the business. No matter the scenario, we bring the right financial partners to the table so you have the right capitalization to build your business.

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