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About Kennedy and Coe

At Kennedy and Coe, LLC, we are committed to enhance the well-being of our people and the clients we serve.  With approximately 250 professionals, we rank nationally as a Top 100 accounting and consulting firm.  Founded in 1932, we deliver services to clients across the country from our 11 offices.

Our Core Values
Our Mission Statement
To Enhance the Well-Being of our People and the Clients We Serve.

BDO Alliance USA

Kennedy and Coe is a member of the BDO Alliance USA, a nationwide association of independently-owned accounting and consulting firms.

As an Alliance member, Kennedy and Coe has access to the resources of BDO USA, the sixth largest firm in the nation, as well as the resources of the other 100-plus firms that comprise the Alliance.  As a member firm, our professionals have established proven relationships around the world with other reputable firms that share a mutual business understanding, network and dedication to the highest standards of client service delivery.

To our clients, Kennedy and Coe's membership in this Alliance proves its merit when they want the right answers, right away.  Success is rarely more than a phone call away.
To Enhance the Well-Being of our People and the Clients We Serve.
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