Genuine People

Our people are committed to make a genuine difference for our clients. We are driven to follow our guiding principles and to truly care about the people we serve. Our clients count on us to be approachable and interested in their success. We truly care about our clients’ hopes, dreams and financial concerns and we enjoy developing creative solutions to address them.

Genuine People

Valuable Results

Nothing else matters unless we’ve enhanced the well-being of those we serve. Our clients experience – and have come to expect – real, sustainable value through improved financial performance, enhanced processes and increased efficiencies by working with Kennedy and Coe. At the beginning of each engagement, we collaborate with our clients to define the measurable and tangible outcomes we expect and then work diligently until we’ve accomplished them. Our success is defined by yours.

Valuable Results

Creative Ideas

We take the industries we serve very seriously and have worked hard over the years and through thousands of client engagements to create shared knowledge that is uncommon in our profession. Regardless of the challenges our clients face, someone in our firm very likely has an answer, or knows where to find it quickly.

Creative Ideas
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Does your organization encourage a culture of gratitude? According to a recent Gallup poll; 65% of employees say they do not feel appreciated at work.
Corrective feedback is one of the things managers sometimes avoid doing; however it is one of the most important responsibilities they have. Employees need to have prompt and candid feedback regarding
Praise and positive feedback can be an extremely powerful motivator! Catch employees doing things right and praise them for it! As managers, we tend to focus on developing our employees by giving th
Monthly Management Tip - February 2014
Management Tip of the Month - January 2014
National agricultural consultancy (division of Kennedy and Coe LLC) Vela Environmental announces that Duncanson Growers’ owner, Kristin Weeks Duncanson, is available to advise other growers and agricu
Kennedy and Coe, LLC, a leading U.S. agricultural accounting and consulting firm, welcomes Patrick Lowrance, CPA, as manager to the manufacturing practice area in the firm’s Wichita, Kan., office.
Kennedy and Coe, LLC, a leading U.S. agricultural accounting and consulting firm, welcomes John Moenius, as a manager in the firm's Lenexa, Kan. office.
Kennedy and Coe is a Certified Public Accounting and Consulting Firm with offices in KS and CO.

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To Enhance the Well-Being of our People and the Clients We Serve.
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