With the acquisition of Vela Environmental in 2013, you now have access to seasoned sustainability professionals with decades of experience working at the crossroads of agriculture and the environment.

K·Coe Isom’s sustainability services create a meaningful, accurate, and positive system that builds consumer trust and encourages responsible stewardship of natural resources in the face of dramatic changes in population, climate, and market preferences. “Sustainability” is the industry’s shorthand for ensuring long-term reliability and resiliency of food and agricultural production.

Consumers are taking note of how products are being produced and sold. Sweatshops. Animal welfare. Worker wages. Environmental impacts. A single tweet can dissolve the goodwill a company has built over months and years. Businesses are increasingly pressured to track and report on sustainability metrics.

Ag producers and food companies are now under a microscope. How are natural resources tapped to grow crops? What’s the animal health and welfare record? How are by-products dealt with? To stay ahead of the competition, leaders in the ag industry are demonstrating sustainability throughout the supply chain.

K·Coe Isom’s sustainability services make it easier to:

  • Access sustainability expertise in short, tailored engagements
  • Proactively manage risk and immediately address potential hot buttons in the community
  • Quantify and report sustainability performance to buyers and end consumers
  • Simultaneously decrease environmental impact and cut operational costs
  • Gain competitive differentiators

We find long-term solutions to potential resource constraints so you can increase operational efficiency and profitability. We help you navigate through difficult political and community issues, and build coalitions on your behalf so you gain stakeholder buy-in. And by analyzing your sustainability data, we positively position your business in the food industry for a competitive advantage.

Working together, whether on the Hill, in the community, or within an organization, we promote rational solutions for agriculture that establish operational resiliency, keep ahead of regulations, and ready your business for new market demands and long-term impact.


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Global problem. Global solution.

Don’t wait for your competitors and customers half a world away from your farm to define what sustainability means for your operation.

True sustainable farming means taking a triple-bottom-line approach to management that addresses economic, social and environmental factors.

Take a proactive stance by getting informed and creating a plan for success. Now and down the road.

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