K·Coe Isom (pronounced Kay-Koh Eye-Sum) comprises 375 people in 8 states coast to coast. At $66.5 million in revenue (as of FYE 3/31/18), the firm ranks approximately 65th in size in the US.

National Food & Ag Leaders

The firm leads, nationally, as consultants and CPAs in the food and agriculture industry comprising two-thirds of the firm’s business. The firm originated in rural communities in Kansas and Northern California where agriculture and food production were, and still are, predominant.

K·Coe Isom helps sustain and grow food and ag operations in wildly fluctuating conditions—weather, commodity price volatility, land values, and economic pressures—making sure these businesses are strong for the next generation.

The firm is solidly embedded throughout the food-supply chain, working with producers, input suppliers, processors, packagers, distributors, biofuel manufacturers, equipment dealerships, landowners, lenders, and agencies and policy organizations that support the industry.

The firm’s vision is to positively impact the future of farming and food production in America.

Regional Strengths

In the Midwest & Northern Colorado, the firm has very strong regional presence serving community banks, construction, real estate and development, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology.

In Northern California, the firm has strong regional presence in construction, real estate and development, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology.

We developed our sustainability strategy by leveraging our most important driving force – our employees. Working closely with staff, we identified the issues that are most important to our clients, our operations, and our communities. Click below to read the full report.

“We have an extraordinary passion for farming and food production because we’ve lived and worked alongside producers for several generations. A lot of our people have farming backgrounds and quite a few have their own operations, going home at night to feed their livestock and tend their crops. We know what producers’ land and lifestyle mean to them, and we know how to help them in the tough times and the good.”
Laura Sands, K·Coe Isom Food & Ag Leader

K·Coe Isom’s Leadership

The firm has 60 principals and is 35% female owned, significantly higher than the accounting-industry average of 21%.

K·Coe Isom’s governing board consists of seven people to whom the CEO, Jeff Wald, reports. The firm’s five-person leadership team supports the CEO and the entire client-service team.


CHAIRPERSON: Kathleen Walton, Strategic Advisory practice leader (Loveland, CO)

VICE CHAIR: Greg Davis, Operations leader (Salina, KS)

SECRETARY: Dawn Buchanan, A&A practice leader (Loveland, CO)

IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIR: Chris Bonacorsi, Food & Ag principal (Chico, CA)

Marc Johnson, Equipment Dealerships practice leader (Kansas City, KS)

Jill Eberhart, Food & Ag principal (Loveland, CO)

Donna Funk, Biofuels practice leader (Kansas City, KS)

Leadership Team:

Christina Ricke, People Leader

Greg Davis, Operations Leader

Leslie Thole, Finance Leader

Jeanne Bernick, Growth Leader


K·Coe Isom formed January 1, 2015 with the merger of Kennedy and Coe and Matson and Isom. Kennedy and Coe began in 1932 in Kansas as M.J. Kennedy and Company, becoming Kennedy and Coe in 1940 and spreading steadily across the Midwestern states. The firm moved into the Mississippi Delta, Wyoming, and Washington, DC in 2013, with its acquisition of Vela Environmental and AgKnowledge, expanding the offerings to include proactive policy and legislative involvement, sustainability and resource planning, and detailed profit-margin management at the crop and acre level. The firm ranked in the nation’s Top 100 firms with its pre-merger size of 249 people, including 37 principals.

Matson and Isom began in 1955 in California as Robert M. Matson, CPA and became Matson and Isom in 1962, shortly after Howard Isom joined. The firm was already the largest CPA firm north of Sacramento, and one of Chico’s largest employers. The firm expanded its presence into Redding in 1989, and into Yuba City and Colusa in the last five years. The firm ranked in the nation’s Top 200 at its pre-merger size of 111 people, including 23 principals.

In October 2015, the team from Fresno-based Stoughton Davidson Accountancy Corporation, founded in 1924, joined K·Coe Isom. Nineteen team members came on board, and six Stoughton Davidson partners became principals. Adding Stoughton Davidson expanded K·Coe Isom’s practice offering, serving food and agriculture and engineering/architecture sectors around Fresno and the California central valley.

November 2016 brought Turlock, California’s 20-person firm Schmidt, Bettencourt & Medeiros LLP (SBM), into the K·Coe Isom fold adding two principals and 18 team members. And on July 1, 2017, Columbia and Jackson, Missouri-based CPA firm Baer & Co became the most recent addition, expanding K·Coe Isom into a new Midwestern state with two more principals and 23 team members.


The firm serves domestic and international clientele from across the United States:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Wyoming
  • Washington, DC

The firm does not consider any specific office as its physical headquarters. The board, CEO, and leadership team collaborate from across the multiple states they reside in. Operations are centralized with the leadership team.