Ag tech boom + millennials = whole new value for farm data

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Sara Harper’s blog in AgWeb explores topics of agricultural sustainability. Read her most recent post on ag tech boom + millennials = whole new value for farm data.

We have all gotten used to the ever-expanding role that technology plays in our daily lives. We check our phones several times a day to see the latest news, emails and Facebook updates — so it isn’t surprising that technology is changing the way food is grown and shopped for as well.

So, what should farmers – and more broadly, the ag sector take away from this technological reality?  First, just as farmers have embraced what technology has done for their productivity, food retailers and companies are looking to connect to consumers in this new tech reality so they can increase or maintain profitability as well.  The people who sell the farmer’s raw materials to consumers also need to assure them that the way it is being produced aligns with a balanced “good for us all” mentality that has increasingly taken hold.  They can’t do that without data.  Specifically, they’d really benefit from some version of the data you are using to be so efficient in the field or on the ranch.

This data is incredibly valuable and farmers are right to want something of value in return for it.  Continue reading via Agweb.

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