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Focus Your Family Business on Its Legacy this Holiday Season

By Jill Eberhart | November 21, 2018

Reading Time: 2 minutes By Jeanne Bernick, K·Coe Isom Market Strategist and Certified Family Business Advisor For many of you the stress of harvest season is over and now you enter a new season in family business: the holidays! As if working with family isn’t challenging enough, now there are mandatory meals and celebrations …

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Farm Tax Q&A: In-Kind Wages

By Jill Eberhart | May 24, 2016

Reading Time: 1 minute In this brief column we answer a burning question on our clients’ minds concerning farm tax issues. Question: How do I use wages in kind? Answer: Paying in-kind wages is a low-tax-cost way to get earned income to your children to save for college.  It works like this: First, you transfer …

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Farm Tax Q&A Part 1

By Jill Eberhart | October 13, 2014

Reading Time: 4 minutes As part of a series, farm tax expert Jill Eberhart answers tough questions about farm tax matters. Unfortunately, we had to sell part of our breeding herd because of drought. Are there going to be tax repercussions for us? Yes, generally the sale of part of your breeding herd will …

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