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Caution & Potential Surrounding Common Ownership

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Guidance for the 199A Deduction – Proposed Regs for Multiple Entity Farmers Following the recently proposed Section 199A regulations in August, we have been fielding questions from farmers regarding common ownership and how section 199A (20% of business income deduction) […]


Business Planning for the Unexpected

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Before injury, illness or other disruption strikes, prepare yourself and your business If you had to go on leave for a month starting tomorrow, what in your farm or ranch is going to suffer? Let’s face it – accidents happen.  […]

Planning a Business Sale

Knowledge is Power – to Generate State Tax Credits

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Businesses Should Always Be Looking for State Tax Incentives Generating state tax credits for your business is rarely a one-dimensional exercise.  And generally speaking, many businesses often underutilize the types of credits that are actually available to them.  The common […]

Are You Correctly Tracking Business Deductions for Meals and Entertainment?

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Businesses of all sizes and across all industries need to be aware that the deductions for 2018 meals and entertainment have changed following tax reform. In general, the old provisions were 50 percent deductible on the taxpayer’s federal return for […]

Winning at Tax Reform

Winning with Tax Reform – Why You Need to Reevaluate Your Estate Plan in 2018

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Exemption for Estate Planning is Ripe for the Picking The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 made one significant change for estate planning: it doubled the estate tax exemption through 2026. This change is unique because it has resulted […]

Interpreting the Complexities of the Cooperative “Fix”

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Some will gain opportunities and some will lose, but large farms stand to suffer most without careful planning To create a “fix” generally means to mend or repair an item. Following the quick […]

Renting vs. Buying Farmland: Which is Right for You?

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Both options have their pros and cons – Whether you’re growing crops or raising livestock, having adequate land is essential. But what’s the best way to acquire the land your operation needs: buying or renting? Consider these pros and cons […]

Double Down Now with Estate Planning

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New Tax Act Fortifies Estate and Legacy Opportunities The time to ‘double down’ with an estate plan is now. Transferring assets to a trust or other entity is usually loaded with potential tax consequences to consider. This may be a […]

5 Steps Farmers Should Take in Response to House-Passed Tax Bill

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Year-End Strategies and Long-Term Planning (Washington, DC). The national ag accounting and business advisory firm K·Coe Isom said the tax bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives today presents opportunities for many farmers but only if they develop plans […]

Congressional Tax Bill: Benefits and Concerns for Ag

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Farm Businesses May Need to Restructure to Maximize Benefits The national ag accounting and business advisory firm K·Coe Isom said the House-Senate tax bill released today provides near-term benefits to many ag producers, but rate reductions and estate tax changes […]