Food and Ag Businesses Can Tap into Emerging Sustainability Incentives

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Funding opportunities are available to companies that meet “green” requirements Environmental sustainability programs now have monetary value with banks. Consider CMS Energy, one of the nation’s largest combination electric and natural gas utilities. In June 2018, the Michigan-based energy provider […]

How the Trade War is Affecting U.S. Agriculture

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Actions and retaliatory measures will have long-term impacts The United States has instigated an aggressive global trade war that is escalating and directly harming many U.S. agricultural producers by driving up the costs of U.S. commodities in foreign countries and […]

Planning a Business Sale

Knowledge is Power – to Generate State Tax Credits

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Businesses Should Always Be Looking for State Tax Incentives Generating state tax credits for your business is rarely a one-dimensional exercise.  And generally speaking, many businesses often underutilize the types of credits that are actually available to them.  The common […]

Midyear Tax Checkup Pays Off for Manufacturers

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Perfect time to see how new tax laws could impact your business when you file for 2018 taxes The new provisions for 2018 have changed a multitude of tax deductions, exemptions, rates and brackets. Now that the fanfare around the […]

Are You Correctly Tracking Business Deductions for Meals and Entertainment?

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Businesses of all sizes and across all industries need to be aware that the deductions for 2018 meals and entertainment have changed following tax reform. In general, the old provisions were 50 percent deductible on the taxpayer’s federal return for […]


3 Crucial Factors to Survive Tight Ethanol Margins

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Ways to Create Advantages – Increase Profitability, Decrease Losses, and Differentiate Your Plant – in Times of Tight Ethanol Margins Pay Attention to the Three P’s:  People. Production. Plans. You may have seen our recent blog about the ethanol industry’s […]

Anticipation of Retaliation over U.S. Tariff Approvals Hits Home

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With today’s announcement of the Trump Administration’s approval to enact a 25 percent tariff on $50 billion of Chinese goods (approximately 1,300 products), China has indicated that it will retaliate – affecting a long list of U.S. products which include […]

beer japan kcoe isom

Ag Exporters Visit Japan to Explore New Business

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U.S. Trade Mission Discusses Beef, Tariffs, & Other Export Opportunities Following a visit in May to China, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs Ted McKinney is currently finishing up a trade mission to […]

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Making Lemonade out of Lemons: Squeezed Ethanol Margins Can Result in Sweet Advantages

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Understanding Why Some Win and Some Lose when Facing Low Margins We all know that we didn’t pick the path of least resistance by choosing to be in the ethanol industry. This is an industry that is largely driven by […]

Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Now to Include Key Trading Partners Canada, Mexico and EU

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The recent position of the U.S. at the G7 meeting appears sends the message that the government is taking a hard line on steel/aluminum tariffs. What does this mean for your business? The G7 ‘fall out’ follows the June 1 […]