Specialty Transportation

How Safe is Your Financial Data?

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At-Risk Businesses Exposed to Catastrophic Consequences Recent national cybercrime headlines: “Cybercriminals Obtain Employee Credentials to Conduct Payroll Diversion” “Business Email Compromises Business Data” “Increase in W-2 Phishing Campaigns” Imagine if you lost access to a year’s worth of financial information […]

Outsourcing HR services for large and small operations

How HR Outsourcing is Saving Large and Small Operations

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Today an estimated 80 percent of companies outsource all or part of their HR needs In an age of skilled labor shortages and tight profit margins, the expenditure on HR Outsourcing might not be top of mind for many companies.  […]

Planning a Business Sale

Knowledge is Power – to Generate State Tax Credits

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Businesses Should Always Be Looking for State Tax Incentives Generating state tax credits for your business is rarely a one-dimensional exercise.  And generally speaking, many businesses often underutilize the types of credits that are actually available to them.  The common […]

Are You Correctly Tracking Business Deductions for Meals and Entertainment?

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Here’s an update to the following blog that you may be interested in: Tax Update: Entertainment Clarified Businesses of all sizes and across all industries need to be aware that the deductions for 2018 meals and entertainment have changed following […]

K·Coe Isom Announces Wealth Management Partnership

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K·Coe Isom’s subsidiary K·Coe Wealth has entered into a joint venture with HBK CPA’s affiliate HBKS Wealth Advisors. The partnership, a mutually-beneficial combination of specialized resources and shared cultural values and standards, will amplify the diversity and management of assets and […]

Stiff Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Set to Alter Foreign Trade

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Manufacturing and Ag Industries Bracing for Impact- As a follow-through item on the agenda of campaign promises, President Trump’s announcement to formally sign trade measures next week – imposing an import tariff of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent […]

Pass-Through Businesses Facing Time Crunch

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Weighing the Impact of Restructure Opportunities before March 15 Election Deadline- If you’re a pass-through entity, you may be at a crossroads. Due to the potential opportunities, the new tax provisions are forcing businesses to evaluate and make decisions around […]

Double Down Now with Estate Planning

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New Tax Act Fortifies Estate and Legacy Opportunities The time to ‘double down’ with an estate plan is now. Transferring assets to a trust or other entity is usually loaded with potential tax consequences to consider. This may be a […]

Tax Update! On the Heels of Budget Deal

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Surprise Tax Breaks and Extenders Approved In the massive bipartisan budget deal passed and signed by the President on Friday morning, there are over 30 surprise tax breaks (that had expired at the end of 2016). Mortgage insurance premiums, higher […]

Benefit or Bane for Transportation Companies

Tax Changes May Re-Route Transportation Business Strategies

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For the first time in 30 years, businesses from all industries are being forced to reevaluate their tax strategies to capture maximum tax benefits. The new tax code legislation is the driving force behind the absolute necessity to take a strategic look […]