Change is Good

The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, put it aptly: “The only thing that is constant is change.” In a success-friendly, entrepreneurial, forward-thinking firm, such as K·Coe Isom, change is good. It’s good for our staff. It’s good for our clients. It’s good for our firm.


Today, more than ever, the people we serve are demanding real value from their CPA-firm relationship. We’re here to deliver based on:

  • Value Creation: Understanding what business owners need, what meeting those needs is worth, and finding creative ways to achieve results at prices the client approves in advance. We sell results, not hours.
  • Critical Depth: Our people are fully immersed in the markets we serve. Their passion is our way of ensuring we are highly influential in our clients’ industries, advocating on their behalf, and creating and securing opportunities that positively affect their futures.
  • Distinct Abilities: Our belief is that our people should spend their day doing what they are great at. Everyone has natural strengths and we help people find and hone them. People who work for us are happy. Happy employees are more resilient, handle stress more effectively, bounce back from failures, and relate better to co-workers.

How to Succeed at K·Coe Isom

We’ve summed up what it takes to succeed at our firm in a nutshell:

  • Embrace change.
  • Be proactive in supporting team and client goals.
  • Communicate clearly. You can always tell when a person really knows their stuff…it’s understandable to a layperson.
  • Whether office competitions, community events, or industry gatherings, we encourage you to represent our firm well.
  • Have fun. To us, being part of something meaningful—the work we do day-in and day-out—is fun.

Variety and Opportunity to Specialize

If you’re an entry-level hire, instead of being pigeon-holed into one role from day one, you get wide exposure to a lot of different areas—tax, audit, consulting—before zooming into a specialty.

If you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll be putting your skills and experience to add value to clients. Just because you come on board as a tax manager, doesn’t mean you are relegated to that role forever. In fact, expect that you will collaborate with the audit team. Depending on your role, you will be exposed to both tax and audit work, giving you variety and the opportunity to specialize.

How We Help You Progress

To us, success-friendly means making the investment in you. That means we provide training throughout your K·Coe Isom career. And because we believe in you and support your career growth, we have on-staff talent advisors, who provide the right mix of coaching, mentoring, and guidance toward your goals.


As part of a success-friendly culture, we offer flexible work arrangements, including flextime, compressed work week, and reduced work schedules. It all depends on the role you have within your department and the firm.

Technology allows people to telecommute with ease. And our Firm Technology Group (FTG) is amazing at making that happen and supporting your success.

How We’re Different Details