Industries We Impact

To create the greatest value for customers, K·Coe Isom focuses intensely on just a few industries…we call this “full immersion.” Becoming part of the industry. Influencing it and facilitating success for those who operate within it. Making the industry—as a whole—better and stronger.

Discover deeper knowledge and richer capabilities in our seven areas of focus.

Food & Ag

A lot of us grew up farming; it’s in our blood. Work with people who understand you, who live …

Community Banks

Our seasoned former bankers, M&A specialists, CPAs, and consultants serve 150+ Midwestern community banks.

Contractors & Developers

Cash flow management, raising operating capital, business succession, stress-free reporting, and day-to-day management help.


Worry-free reporting is what K-12, charter schools, and community colleges find from professionals who care about education.


Manage your margins, plan for the future, increase operating capital, maximize credits and incentives, and position yourself for growth.

Specialty Transportation

Ramp up profitability, max out your competitive advantage, and navigate fleet, driver, and regulatory challenges to keep rolling 24/7/365.


Whatever it takes to put capital where you need it to get your products and services in the right hands.