Contractors & Developers

K·Coe Isom works with people who design and build: Contractors, Real Estate developers, Architects, Trades, and Engineers. A sector we refer to as CREATE.

The key to success when managing lots of moving parts as you do…? Effective planning. At K·Coe Isom, we help you anticipate and plan for your best financial success.

Sometimes it means generating better cash flow through entity restructuring. Sometimes it means securing competitive equipment financing. Other times, it means succession planning so that you can smoothly transition the company. In every instance, we bring innovative and sound accounting practices to the table. We even provide on-demand support for your bookkeeper, controller, or CFO. All of this, so you can focus on the business.

Contact Shasta Weatherman at 785.825.1561. While you create the infrastructure of America, we’ll manage the financials that support a rock-solid business.