K·Coe Isom helps all levels of learning institutions—K-12, charter schools, and community colleges—with worry-free reporting. That means reporting that ensures you meet community and government expectations, retain or increase your funding levels, and minimize risk of fraud through sound internal controls.

Throughout the year, we work with you on sustainable funding, grant procurement, and budgets and forecasts so you can obtain the resources to achieve your goals. We reduce the stress and anxiety of audits, collaborating with your staff to collect information, and train on new regulations. Well-versed on the issues unique to California educators, the K·Coe Isom team brings fresh ideas and helpful answers.


Let the K·Coe Isom team take care of your financial reporting, so that you don’t have to worry about the details and nuances. Instead, you can focus on the art and science of teaching—of helping today’s students of become tomorrow’s innovators. You have more important priorities than dealing with reports and filings. You’re busy engaging learners imparting knowledge, positive habits, and foundational job skills, integrating technology, and supporting individualized learning. While you do that, we’ll help make your dollars go further.

Just as you follow students through the years, we stay with you year after year so your information and processes are retained, not reinvented. With K·Coe Isom’s support, you meet funding standards. You improve internal controls. You have up-to-date budgets. And you have alignment between your strategic initiatives, overall financial plan, and actual performance.


As a leader in a higher-education organization, you can rely on K·Coe Isom to monitor budgets, meet funding standards, and uphold employee benefit plans while you grow the capabilities and capacity of your staff, meet the needs of your student body, and increase your alumni participation.

As a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant’s Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, we have a pulse on the most current issues, resources, and tools, helping you meet the expectations of your employees.

The K·Coe Isom team helps you protect assets and the overall financial integrity of your learning institution. Call on us to conduct independent studies, improve centralized reporting methods, and enhance internal controls that proactively mitigate your risk.

Contact Dawn Buchanan at 530.891.6474 and explore the benefits of working with K·Coe Isom.