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Gain insights into your farm financials from boots-on-the-ground business advisors for better decisions and results.


Get customized financial services for your farm or business when you need them.

K·Coe Conservation

Valuable “one-stop shop” services that give landowners revenue generation opportunities and help developers expedite their energy projects.

Farm Program Services

Get sound advice on eligibility requirements, base and yield analyses or projections, and FSA challenges.

Federal Affairs

Why wait for things to happen to you when you can make things happen for you? Fight problem legislation and ...

Next Gen

Experience business and family transitions without unnecessary emotional strain, complications, or tax consequences.


Create, measure, and communicate your unique sustainability program, reducing overall costs and maximizing market potential.


Secure long-term supply chain reliability, operational resilience, and monetary value from your sustainability practices.

From policy to plate…

K-Coe Isom. The nation’s leading food and agriculture consulting and accounting firm. Solidly embedded throughout the food-supply chain–from policy to plate.

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Ag Policy Federal Affairs Farm Program Services Sustainability ResourceMAX™

Advocating for producers and influencing policies so that laws, regulations, and incentives are practical, effective, and driven by what’s reasonable and affordable. Helping producers drive sustainability efforts throughout the supply chain, illustrate positive progress to consumers, and incorporate business practices that are economically and environmentally beneficial for producers and their communities.


K·Coe Capital Ag Lending Crop Insurance AgKnowledge

Facilitating financial transactions. Improving your financial health. Optimizing entity structure. Developing insights from your farm financial data to help you determine the true cost and profitability of what gets grown or raised. Projecting cash flow based on volatile commodity prices. Enabling you to make better business decisions and increase profiability.



Enhancing operational efficiency, maximizing cash flow, and sustaining the operation for generations to come.


Transportation, Storage, & Distribution

Facilitating greater working capital, increasing margins. Ensuring federal legislation supports your business

…working to positively impact the future of farming and food production in America.