Ag Manufacturing & Distribution

The ups and downs of the manufacturing and distribution sectors move hand-in-hand with the food & ag industry. For the past 80 years, we’ve been living it each day, working alongside people in ag. People just like you.

We’ll make sense of the numbers. So you can focus on storing, securing, and delivering the goods—at the right time and place. When it comes to financial and accounting matters, let us be the lead driver in helping you sustain and grow your business.

Storage & Silage

Record yields. Record moisture. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. So many factors are at play as you determine where and when to store, and how to transport the product. Grain storage decisions. That’s your expertise. The art and science of high quality silage. That’s your strength. Count on K·Coe Isom to advise you on how to maximize pricing and production while you focus on grain quality and value.


Whether by road, rail, air, or sea, you’re responsible for getting it there…in pristine condition. To make sure you’re covered, we keep on top of the federal affairs that impact you. If you’re involved in exports, we use sound tax strategies to ensure that you retain the most of your working capital.



How the Trade War is Affecting U.S. Agriculture

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Actions and retaliatory measures will have long-term impacts The United States has instigated an aggressive global trade war that is escalating and directly harming many U.S. agricultural producers by driving up the costs of U.S. commodities in foreign countries and […]

Knowledge is Power – to Generate State Tax Credits

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Businesses Should Always Be Looking for State Tax Incentives Generating state tax credits for your business is rarely a one-dimensional exercise.  And generally speaking, many businesses often underutilize the types of credits that are actually available to them.  The common […]

Midyear Tax Checkup Pays Off for Manufacturers

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Perfect time to see how new tax laws could impact your business when you file for 2018 taxes The new provisions for 2018 have changed a multitude of tax deductions, exemptions, rates and brackets. Now that the fanfare around the […]