Animal Ag

Making up half of all US farm sales, animal agriculture plays a huge role in feeding a growing population. Whether you’re involved in cow-calf, dairy, feedyards, hogs, or other livestock operations, daily operational issues and escalating feed costs, livestock prices, equipment expenses are constantly on your radar. For over 80 years, K·Coe Isom has been steeped in agribusiness, helping thousands of operations to attain profitability and secure long-term viability.

Things are changing. Farmers and ranchers are increasingly evaluating the effects on water, air, and soil quality, energy use, worker safety, and more, while meeting the highest food-safety and animal-care standards. With our help, Identify, measure, and communicate these sustainability attributes to ensure your business continuity, reduce your operational risks, and gain valuable competitive advantage. We love to work with progressive ranchers and livestock-raising operations, reducing your environmental impact and effectively managing your operational costs.

Call K·Coe Isom for a caring ear and seasoned advice. Make your operation stronger and ensure that you thrive today and into the future.

CASE STUDY: A small feedyard operation faced pressure from its lender because they’d had considerable losses in recent years. We set them up to more accurately track inventory and costs, and improved their feeding margins by 35%. The business’ net profits rose by 300% in one year. We helped them refinance long-term debt and get more favorable terms on their line of credit, allowing the company to grow and expand.