Discipline. Toughness. Spirit. All in a day’s work as you care for cattle and contend with Mother Nature. At K·Coe Isom, we have critical depth in our knowledge and experience of feedyards.

We work alongside you to understand where you want to head and map it out so you can get there. With the right financial and accounting procedures in place, you can improve feeding margins, track and analyze inventory costs, obtain better debt terms, even transition the operation to the next generation.

At the industry-level, we’re collaborating with leading beef producers and universities to figure out realistic ways for reducing environmental impacts, while, at the same time, decreasing operational costs.

CASE STUDY: A 15,000-head feedyard hired a new office manager with no prior exposure to the industry. We provided training on feedyard operations and accounting, including billing, monthly financial statement preparation, and tax planning. The office manager smoothly took over day-to-day financials as we continued to provide annual tax planning and consulting.

Contact Doug Claussen at 785.899.3676. Leave your tax and financial reporting to us. We’ll keep you a step ahead.



Your Land. Your Terms. Your Profits.

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