Hogs & Other Livestock

Maintaining working capital is an important element in a profitable livestock operation. So while you’re practicing high quality herdsmanship—avoiding disease, keeping up feedlots, and managing feed costs—K·Coe Isom can help you maximize the cash you have on hand.

Perhaps you need to restructure financing for more cash flow. Perhaps you would like access to accurate financial performance indicators so you understand your true cost of production, what it actually takes to produce a pound of pork, what generating a higher weaning rate means to your bottom line, or how lower death loss percentages improve profits. Perhaps you could benefit from monthly cost reports, financial statements, and breakeven analysis, helping you gain a realistic financial picture of your operations. Perhaps you want CFO-level advice to point out where you’re making money, and where you can stand to make changes. Steeped in the ag industry—many of us born and raised on farms—we have insight into how businesses like yours operate. Better yet, we can help predict your future financial performance.

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Your Land. Your Terms. Your Profits.

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8 Ways to Prep your Farm Business for 2019

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Latest Tariff Relief Changes Affect Almond, Cherry & Hog Producers

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