Commodity Crops

High land values, squeezed margins, volatile pricing, regulatory and supply-chain pressures, and more consolidation are all trends facing commodity-crop producers. With so many outside factors, it’s vital that you anticipate short- and long-term impacts to your operations. You have a lot of financial and strategic decisions to make. But the simple truth is that most farmers would prefer to be out in the field, not behind a desk, managing numbers and collecting information so you have solid facts to base your decisions on. That’s where we come in.

K·Coe Isom is immersed in the ag industry’s challenges. Giving you worry-free financial and tax reporting, access to farm program experts, making your voice heard in Washington, preserving your family’s wealth, and working through complicated family-business dynamics are just a few of our impactful specialty areas.

Behind our formal training and experience in finance, accounting, economics and agribusiness, many K·Coe Isom’s people have farm backgrounds, many raised in farm families, and quite a few who are producers themselves.

CASE STUDY: While working with a row-crop operation on strategic planning, the conflict between family members threatened to tear the operation apart. The solution was in creating a formal corporate structure, which defined goals, decision-making roles, and strategic plans for growth and management. Resolving these business issue protected the family farm’s legacy.

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You Could Be Standing on Additional Revenue

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