You’re used to the wide swings in feed, fuel, fertilizer, and crop chemical. Because these variable costs impact sales to farmers, the strategies you use will result in a thriving business or one that merely survives. We get that. Our CPAs and consultants are grounded in the agriculture industry, and have been for 80 years. So while you take care of the unique aspects of an input business, let K·Coe Isom take care of your accounting and finances.


You provide the expertise in balancing how plants and animals grow with which chemicals can aid that growth. Our agriculture background means we respect the important role chemicals play in crop yield. As you match the right fertilizer and herbicides to farmers’ needs, rely on us for everything from day-to-day bookkeeping to advice for maximizing your working capital.


A rapidly growing segment of the ag industry, your business ebbs and flows with the overall industry. So does ours. In fact, many of our CPAs and consultants grew up farming and many continue to farm today.

While you spend your time on production, logistics, quality control, mill operations, and growth, we’ll take on the numbers. We provide analysis, financial reporting, tax strategy, internal control procedures, and even strategic planning. Our CFlexO service can also help you track, monitor, and analyze inventories, giving you financial data to make better business decisions.


Fuel is a significant operating expense for most crops. And a dependable supply of quality fuel is always in demand. But meeting and surpassing regulatory requirements is at play. With our background in agriculture and accounting, plus our experience on the Hill, we keep you informed on potential legislative impacts to your business. In addition, we offer consulting and tax strategies to improve your profit margins.

Contact Bill Peterson at 530.891.6474 and get K·Coe Isom’s input on your accounting and tax strategies.



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