Land & Energy

One way to create a lasting operation is to find new uses for your land, such as leasing it out for oil and gas production or agriculture. When you start down that road, the accounting can be more tricky, requirements more complex, and processes more time-consuming. K·Coe Isom’s accountants and consultants are prepared to:

  • negotiate contracts for your benefit
  • develop financial reports to substantiate your leasing terms
  • gather, monitor, and present financial data so you can make better business decisions

With our background in agriculture and biofuels, we have the know-how to lead strategic planning sessions, complete sustainability assessments, manage your financials, and navigate lease and payment structures. As a landowner or biofuels producer, when you work with us, you can be confident that you are accessing real-world, best practices that address the challenges you face.

Biofuel Producers

The relationship between food, feed, and fuel is continuous. Learn how our deep experience in each area serves you.


Land is an investment with a personal attachment. Discover how we help you protect it and generate revenue from it.



Avoid the Anxiety of Tight Ethanol Margins in 3 Steps

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Ways to Create Advantages – Increase Production, Maximize Revenue, and Diversify Revenue Streams – in Times of Tight Ethanol Margins The one constant in the ethanol industry is that there will be fluctuations in the price of ethanol and grains […]

Are You Innovating in All the Right Places?

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Employing 21st Century Talent Development Strategies for a Competitive Edge By Danielle McCormick Leaders within the Biofuels industry are some of the most innovative individuals we work with.  They are at the cusp of new technologies and set the bar […]

Cost-saving Update for Biofuels Companies Prepping for New Lease Guidance

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Latest FASB Update Offers Practicality and Ease for Private Companies Preparing to Adopt the New Lease Standard For private entities preparing to comply with the new lease standard (ASC 842) slated for January 2020, FASB has released an update (Accounting […]