As a biofuel producer, you have little control over the commodity inputs your business uses. But staying informed of what’s going on in the market lets you proactively consider their potential effects.

We work in the ag industry every day so we understand commodities—what the markets are doing, how prices are fluctuating, and how it impacts your business. In addition to tax, audit, and lending management, we consult with many biofuel producers on specific projects. We continually watch for opportunities that will benefit your business, such as tax law changes, tax credits, and cost segregation. Most important, we work with you to take advantage of these opportunities.

CASE STUDY: We helped a biofuel producer, looking at adding $6 million in new equipment, evaluate the current and long-term advantages and disadvantages of buying or leasing. While sometimes an easy decision, there are multiple factors to consider: cash flow, tax treatment, depreciation, loan covenants, and more. We helped them get more for their investment using sound, innovative tax strategies.

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