Permanent & Specialty Crops

If you’re growing permanent or specialty “farm-to-market” crops, you want to maximize tax benefits over the course of production. For over 50 years, K·Coe Isom has helped vegetable, fruit, nut, and forest plantation growers, producers, and manufacturers achieve financial prosperity. How? Through tax strategies, including farm income averaging, cost segregation, depreciation, and IC-DISC and R&D credits.

Then, as your business becomes profitable and accumulates wealth, we help you transfer assets and leadership skills to the next generation. All it takes is a well-structured succession plan. The K·Coe Isom team makes it easy for you to get through the tough, sometimes uncomfortable, decisions—business entity selection, gift and estate planning, estate administration, succession planning. We’ll tailor a plan to your specific situation. That way, you can rest assured that the business and livelihood you’ve worked so hard to build, continues.

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How the Trade War is Affecting U.S. Agriculture

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Actions and retaliatory measures will have long-term impacts The United States has instigated an aggressive global trade war that is escalating and directly harming many U.S. agricultural producers by driving up the costs of U.S. commodities in foreign countries and […]

Business Planning for the Unexpected

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Before injury, illness or other disruption strikes, prepare yourself and your business If you had to go on leave for a month starting tomorrow, what in your farm or ranch is going to suffer? Let’s face it – accidents happen.  […]

Knowledge is Power – to Generate State Tax Credits

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Businesses Should Always Be Looking for State Tax Incentives Generating state tax credits for your business is rarely a one-dimensional exercise.  And generally speaking, many businesses often underutilize the types of credits that are actually available to them.  The common […]