Driven by inventory, manufacturing companies deal with the fluctuating costs of raw materials on a regular basis. Accurately tracking and forecasting raw material costs is critical to success. When you know your margin by division, taking labor and overhead costs into account, you’re positioned to make better business decisions that will carry the business into the future.

Because taxes are involved in almost every aspect of a manufacturing business—corporate income, property, sales and excise, licensing, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation—you can immediately breathe a sigh of relief by leaving tax complexities to K·Coe Isom. We offer years of experience working with privately-held and family-owned manufacturing companies, partnering with you to ensure you maximize incentives, use allowable deductions, and manage expenses.

Keep pace with dynamic economic conditions with current data, key performance indicators (KPIs), and analytics through K·Coe Isom reporting. Improve your efficiency and profitability through daily, weekly, and monthly forecasting. Partnering with proactive manufacturers to maximize your tax benefits and improve margin is our passion.

Ag Manufacturing

The ups and downs of the ag manufacturing sector moves hand-in-hand with the food & ag industry. Count on K·Coe Isom to advise you on how to maximize pricing and production while you focus on product quality and value.


Get accounting and financial help from people who understand commodities and the biofuel market.

Food Processing & Packaging

Given fluctuating commodity prices and an increased focus on environmental impacts, food processing and packaging companies are seeking ways to increase cash flow and improve productivity. At K·Coe Isom, we bring critical depth in the food supply chain. We speed growth and profitability in food processing and packaging businesses like yours. Read more on our Food & Beverage page.

CASE STUDY: When working with a manufacturer on their financial statements, we took notice of their high exports. Our team gathered data and encouraged them to apply for export incentives that were previously overlooked. The company increased working capital by $7 million over seven years.

Contact Dave Burger at 316.685.0222 and rely on K·Coe Isom’s skilled advice to improve productivity and increase cash flow.



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