Specialty Transportation

Specialty transportation is more than a business – it’s a commitment. Cows keep producing; gas stations keep pumping. 24/7/365, it’s up to you to ensure that these and other vital commodities arrive where they need to go, on time, fresh, and ready for the consumers who need them. You’re there for your customers. And—just the same—we are there for you.

Success isn’t easy in your always “on” marketplace. You’re loaded down with regulations while you deal with issues ranging from wildly fluctuating fuel costs to driver turnover, and from hours of service to electronic logging devices. Plus, you manage all the pesky problems that are completely out of your control, like truck parking, drivers detained by customers, the effects of poor highway condition on your fleet, and delays from weather, traffic accidents, and construction. Add to that the fact that you have lots of data to process, and the flow of information is only going to increase with ELDs.

K·Coe Isom helps turn data into useful information that drives better decisions and impacts your bottom line. Work with us to pass your competition and get to your strategic destination more quickly. Just as our nation relies on you to consistently deliver, you can rely on us to deliver solid solutions for you.

Dairy Transportation

Grade A Food transportation poses special concerns, and milk haulers have more than most. Besides industry tension over driver shortages, fuel efficiency, truck utilization, and the economy, you’re concerned with ever-changing FDA regulations for food grade liquids (can you say Food Safety Modernization Act?), product testing, and spoilage. And dairy industry consolidation certainly raises worry about retaining your key customers and milk-hauling rights.

Milk haulers rely on the team at K·Coe Isom to understand the environment, deliver true value, and foster creative ideas to keep things flowing smoothly for you.

Fuel Hauling

Trucking companies who work in a hazmat world know that safety is paramount – and so is coping with strict regulations while managing truck utilization, driver distraction, and hours of service. Fuel and chemical transport – whether gasoline, propane, diesel, biofuels, fertilizer, or other chemicals – requires working with experts who understand your complex operation as well as your supply chain.

Fuel and chemical haulers rely on K·Coe Isom for strategies to expand the enterprise and keep those tankers rolling profitably.

Contact Kent Simpson at 316 685.0222. Count on the K·Coe Isom specialty transportation team to raise the performance of your transportation business.



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