You are on the cutting edge. And K·Coe Isom is right there with you. We take care of the accounting and financials so you can meet user expectations at the speed of change. Our world—at work, home, and play—now revolves around accessing multiple devices and apps for true mobility. Meanwhile, organizations are making sense of big data, enabling cloud computing, and wrangling security issues.

We work with technology firms in various stages of growth. Mezzanine funding to get the product out the door and in stores. Buy-sell agreements that best represent your firm’s true potential and worth. Entity restructuring to put money where it needs to be—on your winning products and services.

CASE STUDY: We evaluated the best ways to capitalize and finance a tech company’s fast-paced growth. The solution involved introducing them to the right financial partners, establishing solid capitalization, and setting proper financial covenant levels to ensure their ongoing success.

Contact any of the CPAs and consultants listed under people. Let K·Coe Isom support you and your business as you race toward a bright future.