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Strategic Solutions for Ag Manufacturing & Distribution

Contending with manufacturing and distribution challenges and adaptations, while complying with the food and agriculture industry’s guidelines, is certainly a complex task. That’s why engaging with K·Coe Isom’s expertise is advantageous to your performance – we bring the capabilities and experience from working in both industries to deliver the financial and accounting solutions you need to be successful.

K·Coe Isom helps the manufacturers of specialized agricultural equipment, suppliers, and distributors to:

Minimize the Overall Cost of Transportation – monitoring federal affairs that impact the transportation of goods; implementing sound tax strategies to ensure retention of working capital.

Navigate the Impacts of Tariffs/Trade – creating strategic plans for exports. Our experts can help your business at any stage – to expand, optimize, or transition – we will help to guide and implement the change you want to see.

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Justin Mentele

Justin Mentele



When your business requires a powerfully different level of strategic vision and financial discipline, that is where we can help. Read our overview to learn more about what it means to have K·Coe on your side.


Blockchain is a buzzword today, but what does it really mean – especially in the scope for Manufacturers? In this presentation we will discuss how Blockchain is relevant today for manufacturers, benefits that can be obtained, hazards to be aware of, and overall, what is the value proposition of implementing it.


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