Is Your Funding Secured?

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Avoid Loss of Funding: 3 Steps for Educator Effectiveness Funding –

Fiscal year 2017-18 is the final year to expend Educator Effectiveness funds. Any funds not expended by June 30, 2018, must be returned to the CDE.

Follow these three steps to make sure your LEA is in compliance and receives the full benefit of your allocated funding:

1.  Verify your plan is in place:

By this point in time, most LEAs have fulfilled their plan adoption requirement. However, this is an important point, as the LEA must have met this requirement by June 30, 2018, otherwise all funding will be lost. The plan must be explained in a public meeting of the Board of Trustees and adopted in a subsequent public meeting.

2.  Ensure your funding allocation is spent on allowable uses:

June 30, 2018, is the final day to expend Educator Effectiveness funds. Educator Effectiveness funds may be used to support the professional development of certificated teachers, administrators, and paraprofessional educators.

Funds can be expended for any of the following purposes:

  • Beginning teacher and administrator support and mentoring, including, but not limited to, programs that support new teacher and administrator ability to teach or lead effectively and to meet induction requirements adopted by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and pursuant to Section 44259 of the Education Code.
  • Professional development, coaching, and support services for teachers who have been identified as needing improvement or additional support by local educational agencies.
  • Professional development for teachers and administrators that is aligned to the state content standards adopted pursuant to Sections 51226, 60605, 60605.1, 60605.2, 60605.3, 60605.08, 60605.11, 60605.85, as that section read on June 30, 2014, and 60811.3, as that section read on June 30, 2013, of the Education Code.
  • To promote educator quality and effectiveness, including, but not limited to, training on mentoring and coaching certificated staff and training certificated staff to support effective teaching and learning.

3.  Complete the final expenditure report:

On or before July 1, 2018, a final expenditure report is due to the CDE.

Completion of the final expenditure report will require the following information to be collected related to the expenditures for all funding years (2015-16, 2016-17, and 2017-18):

  • The number of teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals that receive professional development for the expenditure.
  • Expenditures for each of the four purposes identified in step 2.
  • The number of teachers and administrators that receive professional development aligned to each of the state content standards as identified by Assembly Bill 104, Section 58(b)(1)(C).

The template for the final expenditure report, along with additional guidance, can be found at:

Feel free to contact us with questions or guidance to secure your funding.

Kalah Horton
Is Your Funding Secured?

Avoid Loss of Funding: 3 Steps for Educator Effectiveness Funding - Fiscal year 2017-18 is the final year to expend Educator Effectiveness funds. Any...

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