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K·Coe Isom Boosts Sustainability Offering with Seamless Data Analytics System

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K·Coe Isom announced it has fortified its sustainability services offering through the addition of Tennaxia’s industry-leading data collection software.

Together, K·Coe Isom will continue to provide sustainability expertise and consultation with food manufacturers, protein companies, suppliers, customers, and food retailers, while utilizing the efficiency of data captured through Tennaxia’s comprehensive web-based solution. This combination of services will ease complexities and reporting for sustainability performance metrics – a pain point for food businesses fulfilling sustainability requests, demands, or certifications.

“By utilizing a SaaS (Software as a Service) system, data collection, enhanced accuracy, frequency of information, and range of data can now drive performance measurement, reporting standards, and benchmarking metrics,” says Juliette Barre, Principal for Tennaxia.

“By connecting with Tennaxia to provide our clients with this seamless sustainability reporting and process validation software, we are essentially combining the digital horse-power to ease data collection challenges with our expertise for business decision making and reporting,” says Emily Johannes, principal for K·Coe Isom. “This coordinated offering will help businesses to fully benefit by utilizing data for reporting, as well as for business performance improvement, execution and tactical management.”

Contact Emily Johannes, principal in sustainability at K·Coe Isom, for more information on the advantages this creates when utilizing sustainability data for performance and reporting:

About Tennaxia
Tennaxia, founded in 2001, already powers more than 10,000 customer sites in 70 countries. The company’s software has been battle tested in France and the EU, where government regulations are even more stringent than in the U.S. The technology offers three levels of validation and verification to confirm data quality.  European companies using Tennaxia’s software include AXA, Peugeot-Citroen, Group Bel (producer of Laughing Cow and Baby Bel cheeses), Auchan, a global retailer, and GeoPost, the “Fed-Ex” of Europe.

K·Coe Editorial
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