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In his role as a K·Coe Isom Principal, Brent brings a unique ability to “connect the dots” and help farmers and ranchers pursue the most financially sound path to business success. He began his career with a strong focus on estate plans, succession plans, and business reorganization, but quickly branched out to work in other areas of the firm, assisting customers with tax planning, financial statements, managing farm and ranch business development opportunities, and more. By working in Colorado and Mississippi over the past few years, he developed a strong appreciation for the diverse expertise available within K·Coe Isom, as well as a perspective on the differing needs of food & ag businesses from region to region.

Today, Brent’s broad perspective and strong understanding of the expertise available across K·Coe Isom brings enormous value to the farmers and ranchers who consult with him. A pursuer of opportunities, he describes his job as paving the way for customers to be successful or accomplish their goals. That means Brent is deeply involved in helping the customer figure out what they are trying to accomplish, as well as knowing who and how to collaborate with on the K·Coe Isom team to collectively get them the best solution.

Brent was a city boy from Arkansas who married into a farm family, so his appreciation for food & ag is both professional and personal. He admires the passion and the spirit that lies behind the family farm and is proud to support businesses that have such a great impact on the lives of everyone in the country.


B.S., Accounting, University of Wyoming
M.S., Accounting, University of Wyoming


Certified Public Accountant (CPA), licensed in Colorado and Mississippi

Professional Associations

AICPA, Colorado Society of CPAs, Mississippi Society of CPAs

Personal Interests

Enjoys hiking, fly fishing, backpacking, and skiing

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