Emily Clark
Senior Manager

Emily Clark
Lamar CO

Lamar, CO – Closed to Visitors: Call in Advance for File Dropoff/Pickup

7784 Saddle Club Drive, Suite 2
PO Box 1704
Lamar, CO 81052


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Emily Clark demonstrates her love of small-town community closeness by immersing herself with the farming businesses she serves to build equity and position them for long-term growth.

Cooperating with other tax and estate planning professionals within the firm, Emily helps her clients increase net worth through sophisticated tax strategies, such as:

  • Creating multiple entities with different fiscal year-ends and managing cash flow between them for a family-owned group of cattle and grain farmers, increasing operating capital by millions.
  • Enhancing profitability for two large, rapidly growing grain farmers, each with upwards of 12,000 acres of land.
  • Optimizing cash flow for a grain farming company through entity restructuring.

Hailing from a rural, eastern Nebraska community, Emily appreciates a small-town atmosphere and the key role that farming plays in local communities, as well as the larger economy. She joined the firm in 1997. Lamar soon became her permanent home as she started working with the business owners of southeastern Colorado and Western Kansas to plan for and achieve growth.


B.A., accounting, Nebraska Wesleyan

Professional Associations

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Kansas Society of Certified Public Accountants
Beta Sigma Phi: member

Personal Interests

Spending time with family, traveling to home state of Nebraska, big game hunting adventures, and watching movies.
Husband is a taxidermist and in her office, she has a pedestal mount of the mule deer she got on her first archery hunt.

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