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Walcott, IA 52773
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Jeanne matches the needs of large commercial producers with K·Coe Isom’s talent and tools, facilitating healthy, growing farm operations that are sustainable for generations to come. She offers a depth of industry insights and works alongside producers to zero-in on solutions to keep ag operations thriving.

Utilizing her first-hand perspective and professional knowledge in working with family business owners, Jeanne intricately understands the needs and many roles that family business and non-family members play. Jeanne has been recognized for her outstanding achievement in family enterprise advising, and holds a Certificate in Family Business Advising (CFBA).

Throughout her 20-years at Farm Journal Media, Jeanne developed long-standing relationships with large commercial ag producers and their families, sitting at their kitchen tables, watching their families grow, seeing the kids take over the operation, and witnessing businesses fail and succeed.

Over her distinguished career, Jeanne became one of the top editors in ag media. An editor and award-winning writer, she grew Top Producer magazine into the leading industry brand, creating authoritative coverage on key aspects of agriculture and launching national events to connect farmers with their peer groups.

Traveling nationally and internationally, she wrote thousands of stories that captured the trials and triumphs of the farmers who feed the world. Her achievements include:

  • Establishing a national women’s ag conference that provides a community for women to find resources and network with like-minded business owners.
  • Creating Top Producer Executive Network (TPEN), the first, national, peer-to-peer network for ag producers. TPEN gives farmers opportunities to consult with one another on business ideas, share financials, and help each other grow based on real-world experience.
  • Covering ag industry topics in rural America and places as far flung as Africa, where ag potential is enormous, yet population hunger and basic needs are overwhelming. From this experience, she gained new perspectives on ag industry efficiencies.

From childhood, Jeanne has walked in the shoes of ag producers. While her friends were playing during summer break, she was rounding up cattle with her family on their ranch in Southern Missouri. After college, Jeanne left the family farm for the big city. As fate would have it, she ended up returning to farms across America, spending many hours in a truck, driving dirt roads, visiting, listening, and learning all about who ag producers are, and what they need. Their stories have shaped her, and they fuel her passion for connecting ag producers with the right business resources to sustain their long-term livelihood.

Practice Areas

  • Food & Ag, Commodity Crops, Animal Ag, Permanent & Specialty Crops


  • B.S, agricultural journalism, University of Missouri


  • Certificate in Family Business Advising (CFBA)

Professional Associations

  • American Ag Editors Association
  • American Society of Agricultural Consultants

Civic Associations

  • Beta Sigma Phi International
  • Parent Teachers Association


  • Enjoys practicing yoga, reading, riding horses, gardening, being outdoors and raising three daughters
  • Into travel, cooking, and is an ardent horse racing enthusiast

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