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Jill Eberhart guides agricultural business owners and their families to work very successfully together. She advises family members on how to plan together for the future while considering and understanding the needs and desires of each different owner, whether they are active in the business or are off-farm owners.

Getting families through transitions, especially related to business-ownership succession, Jill brings a unique compassion and finesse. She diffuses emotionally charged situations to create a calm environment where everyone involved can make their best decisions, whether they are business partners or just interested family members.

One key struggle Jill sees in succession planning is the gap in generational perspectives that emerges when the parent-child dynamic shifts to a business-partner dynamic. With a special kind of understanding, tact, and financial expertise, she makes sure that all stakeholders understand and agree upon long-term goals, supporting each other in the agreed outcomes

A few results of Jill’s family-business ownership, succession, and estate planning include:

  • Injecting more than $3 million in working capital into a family’s agricultural supply business with an entity structuring solution that enabled a $12 million gain on the sale of an investment to be deferred over 25 years.
  • Protecting a family’s legacy by creating a corporate structure for its successful row-crop farming operation that defined goals, decision-making roles, and strategic plans for growth and management, thereby, reducing family conflicts and ensuring the continuity of the family-owned business.
  • Giving investors’ peace of mind by being proactive, alert, and participative as they move through the cycles of life and business. By talking with them periodically about how their goals evolve over time, Jill continues to help them keep their investment decisions aligned with those goals.

After losing her father, Jill helped her family manage their assets. Through this experience, she felt, first-hand, the anxiety that goes along with taking over the finances of a family business and estate. That personal experience gave her new insight and compassion that she applies to the families she works with, now. She knows how hard agricultural producers work to build their operations, and then how challenging it is as they manage the operations, and eventually prepare to pass them on to the next generation.


B.S., business administration, Colorado State University


Licensed CPA in Kansas and Colorado

Professional Associations

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants
Kansas Society of Certified Public Accountants

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Home Owners Association
School Board

Personal Interests

Gardening and traveling are among Jill's favorite hobbies.

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