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Business leaders turn to Kalah and the K·Coe Isom team when they need worry-free financial reporting and business advice. Kalah’s focus is working with organizations that support and make life better for people and their communities. She approaches this from a few angles:

Education. As leader of K·Coe Isom’s education service team, Kalah works directly with business officials, superintendents, and other key directors of local educational agencies (LEAs) including K-12 school districts, not-for-profit charter schools, and county offices of education to help them reach their goals. Whether LEAs seek professional guidance to adhere to complex regulations, qualify for funding, or meet local constituent expectations for accountability, Kalah’s expertise leads to positive results.

Kalah helps schools identify their unique needs, then assists through all phases of implementing new programs, ideas, or improvements. More often than not in today’s education climate, she’s sought after to help streamline processes and make more efficient use of precious resources.

LEAs that receive federal and state funding require a distinct brand of audit support. For these clients, Kalah specializes in the application of the Single Audit Act, Uniform Guidance, and state compliance testing.

Special districts. Kalah works with a variety of California special-district governments, including irrigation, fire, and sanitation districts.  These critical local government agencies rely on Kalah’s eye for detail and the sound advice she provides.

Not-for-profits. Kalah works with not-for-profits that serve the community in many different ways. Many of these organizations operate on grant funding which require Kalah’s expertise in the application of the Single Audit Act and Uniform Guidance.

Agricultural support. Companies that serve California’s thriving agricultural industry need and deserve the careful attention to detail that Kalah brings. She works with a select group of companies related to irrigation, agricultural supplies, and rice drying.

Here are some recent examples illustrating Kalah’s impact on organizations she works with:

  • A school district facing stiff penalties sought her help with a management comment appeal process resulting in waived penalties of nearly $80,000.
  • An agricultural-supply wholesaler benefitted from Kalah’s help in improving their inventory cost tracking, which helped them to determine which products were the most profitable, and ultimately make more informed business decisions leading to company growth.
  • A not-for-profit organization brought Kalah in to develop and guide them in implementing a streamlined and more effective revenue-accounting process. The result was a real-time view of performance and ability to produce accurate information to report to the grantor on $2 million in federal grants.

Kalah views her work as a huge puzzle; she sees her role as finding all the pieces and matching them together to present a true financial picture. Passionate about working in her chosen industries, Kalah develops long-term relationships with her clients who, in return, express a high level of confidence and trust in her work.


  • B.S., Business Administration, accounting, summa cum laude, California State University, Chico
  • President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Award 2008, 2009, 2010


  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA), licensed in California
  • Advanced Single Audit Certificate

Professional Associations

  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • California Society of Certified Public Accountants

Civic Associations

  • State Theater Arts Guild, finance team


  • Running destination races, enjoying musical theater, sipping quality wine, getting creative with Pinterest

Industry Areas

Education | Food & Ag

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