Kati M. Barnhill

Kansas City

Kansas City, KS – Closed

8801 Renner Blvd.
Suite 100
Lenexa, KS 66219


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With nearly 10 years of consulting experience with community-focused industries like banks and construction, Kati assesses each unique situation and strives to provide thorough analysis and advisory that help organizations succeed.

As a manager, Kati is adept at providing guidance and solutions around the confusion and complexities of banking compliance.  She is specialized in handling the details and management of financial statement audits and assurance, directors’ exams, regulatory compliance and bank taxation. Kati’s ability to provide reliability and resourcefulness for audit and assurance projects has resulted in the trust and easy rapport with her clients.

Her background of working at a bank has provided her with an insider’s perspective on the challenges and issues her clients are contending with, and this results in a comfort level to ask questions and extend client relationships past ‘a routine exam’ – engaging them to ask questions and seek business advisory.

What can you expect from Kati?  In her own words: 

I try to bring value outside of the project. For example, if I am doing a bank directors’ exam, I always try to meet with bank management to discuss current banking industry happenings, challenges, etc. I also bring value in myself by attending industry conferences and bringing those learnings directly to clients. By asking for feedback from clients on how K·Coe has been performing, many times clients will make a small suggestion, and once implemented it reassures them we listen to their needs/wants. Lastly, knowing the variety of expertise we have in this firm has helped me bring added value to clients. It’s empowering answering the question “Is this something K·Coe can help with?” with “Of course we can”!  


Bachelor’s Degree, Wichita State University


Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Personal Interests

Whether it’s being outside walking her dogs and exercising, or taking care of her rainforest of plants – Kati loves everything related to nature and the great outdoors.

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