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As the director of K·Coe’s external IT Consulting group, and the lead for KCoe ISG (a joint IT venture that provides robust technology resources), Melissa helps companies to discover and implement IT innovations and solutions. The result: Businesses bolster technological capabilities, secure systems, educate employees, and maximize performance.

Melissa is adept at providing companies with a seamless IT experience. From assessing overall IT health and providing guidance for system and process improvements, to implementing cyber security testing and cyber awareness training, she provides a comprehensive overview of your options, benefits, and the process.

Melissa applies her awareness of a business owner’s standards and goals and matches those with the appropriate framework guidance and requirements, to ensure systems are protected, efficient, and effective.

Her unique background in the community banking industry – known for the most robust cybersecurity and regulations of any industry – lends to her keen insight and ability to develop a customized plan for business leaders based on their priorities. She then presents the best options for their business.

As a certified public accountant (CPA), Melissa is specialized in the areas of information technology exams, regulatory reporting, internal audit, director exams, trust audit, taxation and special projects. Melissa is a certified Community Banking Cybersecurity Manager (CBCM), and a graduate of Wichita State University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, with an emphasis in accounting and finance.


Bachelor’s degree in business administration, with an emphasis in accounting and finance, Wichita State University


Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Certified Community Banking Cyber Security Manager (CBCM)

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