AgKnowledge is a service that gives farmers and ranchers access to financial and farm-management wisdom. Because when it comes to priorities, financial details and management fall far behind seeing to crops, livestock, and employees—as they should. AgKnowledge consultants turn numbers into strategic business power for better insights, better decisions, and better results.

Better Insights

Track performance with dashboards that summarize the financials and make it easy to see what’s really going on. Learn from the successes and mistakes of others with ag-industry benchmarking.

Better Decisions

Instead of doing what’s always been done, make stronger decisions with analytics that let you evaluate farm-operation options, maximize capital investments, and uncover threats to profitability.

Better Results

AgKnowledge experts are boots-on-the-ground people with backgrounds in agricultural finance, credit management, crop insurance, economics, equipment trades, farm management, land sales, and risk management. They’ve worked with hundreds of producers to:

  • Negotiate a better rental arrangement by presenting compelling financial facts
  • Secure a tract of land by conducting proper due diligence, gathering all the background data needed for a successful bid
  • Obtain a more competitive loan rate by presenting operational financials in a favorable light
  • Provide customized financial advice on-demand

Want to work with down-to-earth business advisors with in-the-field experience who can take your farm to the next level? Ready to free yourself up by automating your bookkeeping and accounting practices? Make it easy on yourself. Start with an on-site assessment.

An Investment that Pays for Itself Time and time Again

  • Tap higher-level accounting expertise for much less than the cost to employ
  • Strengthen your overall financial position for better cash flow, budgeting, and borrowing
  • Increase equipment efficiency and ROI for major capital expenditures
  • Determine what crops will be most profitable to plant this year based on numeric data
  • Find out how much debt your operation can successfully take on

Contact Alan Grafton at 662.234.0203 or an AgKnowledge Field Analyst to schedule an on-site assessment.



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