CFlexO is a flexible finance and accounting service that helps you automate processes, secure high-level accounting expertise, and gain valuable insights to make sound financial decisions. Whether you need bookkeeping-level, controller-level, or CFO-level services, think about it. Are you:

  • Keeping up with the huge crush of accounting tasks?
  • Getting a clear picture of your financials?
  • Determining the destiny of the business based on real-time, accurate information?

It’s too easy to let daily deadlines overshadow long-term planning. And sometimes it’s tough to get a big picture of where your business stands at any point in time. With the K·Coe Isom CFlexO service, you use only the services you need, at any level, to:

  • Make cash work for you with instant access to your current cash position with proactive cash and debt management
  • Maximize profits with cost allocation and profitability tracking by business line
  • Focus in-house resources on core competencies or supplement and retrain existing financial staff to meet your business growth needs

How It Works

After assessing the financial processes for a mid-size business, we consolidated six financial platforms to one, reduced five outsourced financial consultants to one full-time employee, and automated cash management and bill payment processes. This gave the owner real-time information access and an integrated view of key financials. The result: accounting and finance decreased costs by more than 50% in the first year.


The financial foundation for sound business decisions.

  • Easy-to-use, affordable, web-based solution
  • Clear, concise reports tailored to deliver the information you need
  • Fully customizable service levels
  • Comprehensive tracking of your key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Accurate, integrated information in dashboard view

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