Farm Program Services

K·Coe Isom provides farm program services to guide you in maximizing USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) programs. Rely on us to monitor the regulations, ensure submittals meet requirements, and successfully deal with eligibility matters that come up. Across the nation, we’ve advised producers so they can:

  • Meet eligibility requirements
  • Update base acres and yields to project payouts for different programs
  • Determine elections for the best results
  • Maximize program payments
  • Avoid negative FSA rulings

Act Now and Impact the Bottom Line

For the first time since 2002, you have the opportunity to update base acres and yields, and choose program elections, which will impact the bottom line for the next five years. If you don’t act, you won’t receive 2014 program payments. Deadlines are fast approaching:

  • Base and yield updates are due Feb. 27, 2015
  • ARC & PLC election options for each farm and each commodity are due March 31, 2015

To determine the elections that will net the best financial results, download the yield update and base reallocation worksheets and calculate future payments.

The KCoe Isom team advises you throughout the decision-making process, analyzing each option and considering what it means in the long-run operations. We consistently garner good results.

For example, we gathered five years of base and yield data for a producer who didn’t want to locate and reconcile the data himself. With four farms in multiple counties, averaging four crops per farm, letting us do the legwork was an easy decision. After obtaining the data and filling in the gaps, we used tools to calculate and summarize his information, discussing the election options to best maximize payments, resulting in a 50% increase in potential payment amount.

Trust K·Coe Isom’s farm program services team, led by nationally renowned farm-program expert, Wayne Myers, to answer your FSA payment questions.

Contact Wayne Myers at 785.899.3676 and start with our base and yield analysis service.



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