Creating a clear path of employee
advancement for strategic retention


Your business’s long-term success is dependent upon the understanding of four life lessons:

  1. Retirement is inevitable.
  2. Succession planning is necessary.
  3. Next generation development is critical.
  4. Timing is everything.

K·Coe People’s expertise in transition planning for your business stems from decades of assisting clients

With generational and family transitions, as well as outside transitions. We help to identify successors and develop the next level of talent to keep legacies intact and growing.

This delicate transition requires strategic direction and tactical implementation, and often takes time for identifying, grooming, and training key personnel.

K·Coe People provides support for strategic employee retention, development, transition, and succession through:

  • Transition navigation and timeline development
  • Next generation training and advancement
  • Reduction in force and divestiture assistance
  • Retirement planning and transition coaching
  • Advantageous estate planning