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What is Your Exit Strategy or Succession Plan?


Planning for What Lies Ahead

Regardless of the type of business–food and agribusiness, manufacturing, banking, technology, construction–there is a a seemingly unending string of decisions to make and people to involve in a business transition.

Creating a plan and selecting the right advisor can make the difference between leaving a legacy for heirs or squandering it during your lifetime; a smooth leadership transition or one that breaks up the business; family members that respect one another or ones that stop communicating all together.

K·Coe Isom’s Next Gen services match individuals and businesses with the right advisors to help with:

Difficult Situations

Get assistance and objectivity when dealing with sensitive and challenging situations. Everyone has a point of view, and it’s impossible for you to see all of them by yourself.

Estate Planning and Administration

Proactively preserve your wealth and plan for the distribution of assets in the event of retirement, death, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Allow us take on the burden of tying up all the administrative loose ends of an estate.

Succession Planning

Prepare to transition out of business. It’s like skiing. The best time to think about stopping is before you start. But if you haven’t begun thinking about it, there’s no time like the present.

Download a Free White Paper on Exit Strategy

We’d like to get the wheels turning for you with our white paper on exit strategy. You can download it here, free of charge.

The How and Why of Exit Strategy is a guide to how you need to think and what to start thinking about so you can set yourself up for a successful business transition.

It doesn’t matter if you will be selling to a partner(s), transitioning to another family member, going public, winding down or selling to a competitor.

This paper and a call to K·Coe Isom will get you off on the right foot.

Contact Doug Mitchell at 970.685.3500 for advice and counsel to move you and your family forward.



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