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It’s pretty hard to think clearly when one’s world has been turned upside down. Having to finalize a loved one’s estate can be very emotional and confusing. The many notices required, all with different timeframes, makes it almost certain that things will fall through the cracks, drawing out the process even longer. Relieve yourself of the burden and allow K·Coe Isom to carry it for you. We are familiar with each and every step of probate and estate administration.

By using K·Coe Isom’s estate administration service, you can free yourself up to deal with loss and move forward. We take on the administrative minutiae, coming up with options, resolving issues, and meeting deadlines so you can let go.

CASE STUDY: When an aunt died, the nephew sought our assistance with her estate, which included two parcels of farmland and a few small bank accounts. We prepared court filings, managed her finances and outstanding bills, inventoried assets, drafted deeds, reviewed the closing documents for her land and home to verify that fees were correct, contacted beneficiaries, and assisted with distributions. We walked him through the process, made sure all the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed, and met important deadlines, giving him peace of mind and, ultimately, a smooth estate distribution.

CASE STUDY: We worked with a man who was part of a family-owned business and was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Mindful of family conflict, he wanted to make sure his wife was taken care of given his circumstances. We prepared and completed as much as possible in advance, walking through the documents that needed filing, as well as how to transfer account and property ownership. Our role simplified the process, which also made things easier on the entire family. In the end, we provided equity for his wife, and gave him comfort that we could meet his dying wish.

Contact Doug Mitchell at 970.685.3500 and let us handle the details related to the collection and management of assets after the death of a loved one.



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