ResourceMAX™ is a service that assesses and measures sustainability metrics unique to a particular company. It helps food producers and processors get the most out of their resources while also staying consistent with the standards being developed throughout the food industry. ResourceMAX™ can generate the type of assessment reports that align with their customers’ sustainability goals.

How do producers and growers operate given these market forces? They implement sustainable practices. Sustainability—doing business in a way that promotes economic, environmental, and community interconnectivity and long-term viability—is a prominent topic being addressed at the farm-level.

To assist food and agricultural businesses, K·Coe Isom offers ResourceMAX,™ a service that identifies, measures, and assesses sustainability indicators and areas of improvement, as well as a rational plan of action.

To assist food and agricultural businesses, we evaluate various inputs, practices, and outputs, resulting in:

  • assessment report that demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, which can increase and expand market opportunities
  • customized database, dashboards, and benchmarking for easy, ongoing data capture and progress metrics
  • reporting to and connection with key external stakeholders for immediate credibility in the marketplace

Many times, current business practices are close to, if not achieving, the sustainability mark. So we start by collecting data on what producers are already doing. Then, we package, position, and communicate that information both internally and externally. Perception is reality. We leverage our deep bonds with influential stakeholders, including land grant universities, NGOs, multi-stakeholder initiatives, and industry groups, to facilitate buy-in of high-profile sustainability programs.

Tap the combination of high-level experience K·Coe Isom offers in agriculture, feedyard operations, and farm financials.

Working with ResourceMAX™, you can enjoy:

  • Reduced time to market
  • Expanded shelf space
  • Longer-term contracts
  • Better negotiating position with key business partners
  • Verifiable sustainability program that meets RFP requirements
  • More meaningful and responsive dialogue with stakeholders
  • Customer loyalty & community support

Contact Emily Johannes at 202.544.8200 to start a food and agricultural sustainability program that enables your organization to produce responsibly, communicate progress, and ensure your product remains a mainstay in the market today and for generations to come.