With roots in tax and accounting services dating back to 1932, KCoe Isom is recognized nationally as a ‘Top 100’ accounting firm.

Tax & Accounting

What makes us stand apart from other firms?

We take everything personally – your business, your industry, your challenges, and because of this professional and personal investment, we don’t settle for less than optimal outcomes.

How will we work with you?

We assess the financial health of your business on a regular basis, analyze its structure, and provide strategic advisory to increase profitability.

Increasing Your Profitability

K·Coe Isom’s advisors are immersed in staying on top of tax code and changing regulations, industry challenges, and how to apply accounting principles – with the purpose of providing innovation, creativity, and strategy for the benefit of your bottom line.

We assess the assets, liabilities and cash flow, and the future of an entity – and communicate on what the company is doing and where it is headed, as well as provide advisory on potential improvements, beneficial adjustments, and long-term strategies.

Our CPAs and advisors are specialized in different areas of accounting, and will develop a strategy for your business dependent upon your needs:

  • Taxes – minimizing tax burden with seasoned expertise. From business structure to entity planning to estate strategy (and everything inbetween), our CPAs bring a level of tax knowledge and experience that can satisfy any size or shape of business.
  • Audit – examination of the books, accounts, records, documents and financial statements to insure accounts are properly maintained. Our audit CPAs are trained to deal with indiscrepancies and compliance issues.
  • Accountingadvisory with payroll, accounts payable and receiveables, bookkeeping, and so on. We gauge the company’s success and stability with reporting (statement of profit and loss, balance sheets, assets and liabilities, retained equity) and advise on adjustments and operational strategy.

Key Contacts

Shellee Callahan

Shellee Callahan


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Dawn Buchanan



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