Tales from Our People

Delve into the realities of our people. Many have been here for years. Some left and came back. All are convinced, here at K·Coe Isom, they play a big part in something meaningful.

From Intern to Entry-Level

“What really attracted me to the firm was the opportunity to work in both audit and tax. As a college student, I wasn’t sure where my strengths in the “real world” were, and I appreciated the ability to test out the waters in different areas. Another thing I love is the people. They make coming to work enjoyable, even on Saturday mornings during tax season! My experience as an intern solidified the beliefs I had about the firm. And I am very happy with my choice!” – Keli W.

From Accountant to Value Strategist

“I started along a technical accounting path. My DistinctAbilities, whether at work, coaching, or in the community, involves shaping the future. I thrive at building processes from the ground up. And I love that K·Coe Isom pushes people to discover what they are good at doing. The firm then finds a way for each person to thrive in their DistinctAbilities while serving clients. Although other firms want a more traditional approach, K·Coe Isom values my entrepreneurial nature.” – Clinton B.

Been Here and Staying

“The firm values and encourages everybody to be who they are and who they want to be. When you can come to work every day in your own skin—not based on someone else’s expectations—when you can grow in areas you want to grow in, when you are encouraged to explore and pursue your dreams, what could be better?” – Charles M.

“I enjoy working at a firm that is an industry leader in implementing new software and hardware technologies. We tackle the difficult issues facing the accounting industry versus waiting for others to lead the way. Most importantly, the firm truly lives its core values. The great people that work here make it all possible.” – Lisa B.

“There are very many reasons I love working for K·Coe Isom…such as the opportunities to use my skills and talents in a positive manner that makes a difference for my coworkers, the firm, and the clients and community we serve. It is incredible being able to work for a firm that I feel actually cares about me and my family and provides me with opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed…and most of all, the extraordinary people I work with. They are amazing and I am honored to work beside them and be a part of this organization.” – Tom D.

“To me, K·Coe Isom means balance and flexibility – finding my way to work on many different and interesting projects, with the ability to lean on others when necessary, or vice versa. It means appreciation and friendship. It is a joy working with anyone from any office. And I appreciate the trust and confidence that we place on each other. We truly are a perfect team, with each of us bringing something great to the table.”
Misty C.

“We help clients in all facets of their business. In addition to tax and audit services, we help set up businesses, answer questions, and advise them on day-to-day operations. We want our clients to know we are available and will provide sound advice that will help them succeed.”
Tommy D.

“K·Coe Isom is always reaching up to grab that next level of innovation. For example, in the accounting industry we are leaders in industry group specialization, value creation agreements, project management, and comprehensive tax strategies. We are at the forefront of technology, improving employee benefits, and supportive of alternative employee work arrangements. Lastly, relationship building is the cornerstone of what we do, both with clients and with staff.”
Doug C.