Establishing a Farm Legacy

Rob Robinson

Robinson Meadowbrook

Our farm operation is complex with a lot of moving parts. So whether it’s tax planning or estate planning, one thing will undoubtedly impact another. The people at K·Coe Isom are true professionals that know financials in the context of ag operations. They did a great job explaining the tax consequences and options. They made it understandable so we could get group consensus.

Since the 1880s, the Robinson family has been in the farming business, running Rob-See-Co, JC Robinson and Golden Harvest. Now, Rob Robinson, his brother Doug and his father, Ed, lead the charge at Robinson Meadowbrook, which specializes in corn seed production, crop consulting and land rental partnerships. As the third generation, Rob oversees a sophisticated operation with multiple entities that include a partnership with Syngenta, domestic and international land holdings, numerous product lines and consulting services.

After working with KCoe Isom on restructuring the entities to maximize working capital, Rob asked for estate planning ideas. KCoe Isom’s Next Gen team met with Rob and his wife, Cheryl, to better understand their goals and family dynamics. Because the plan would have a ripple effect, KCoe Isom spoke with all the family members, key employees in the operation, and collaborated with Rob’s attorney, who was a seasoned estate planner himself. Rob now has an estate plan that meets his goals: preserving the assets he and his parents built for the next generation.