Getting Personal with Business Strategy

Shane Tiffany

Tiffany Cattle Company

We don’t make any major business decisions without talking to KCoe Isom. They are a partner who has taken a vested interest in our success. I appreciate that they can strategically organize our business so that growth isn’t a challenge. Being nimble and taking advantage of the right opportunities without restructuring our entire business model is key. The relationship we have with KCoe gives us the sounding board and financial stability we need to be ambitious, while providing valuable insight for what has or hasn’t worked for other organizations.

Brothers Shane and Shawn Tiffany of Tiffany Cattle Company—a Kansas-based custom feedlot with 32,000 head and crop operations—are first generation owners of the property they grew up on, and hail from a long line of farmers and ranchers who love the land and agriculture. This foundation, coupled with their own extensive cattle backgrounds and a pure dedication to cattle customers and the public consumer, has resulted in 10 years of ownership and operation of their thriving cattle feeding and marketing services company. While the business has performed well for years, the Tiffany brothers were looking for new solutions, options and in-depth financial analysis, as well as exploring possibilities for expansion.

The ambitious duo was in need of a proactive consultant—who understood their business—and could strategically organize financials, manage risks, and implement their vision for forward momentum and growth strategy around their macro-life plans.

A KCoe Isom AgKnowledge advisor came out to the feedlot, listened to where Shane and Shawn wanted to take their business and personal success, and then dove into Tiffany’s financials. Initially, it started with financial statements compilation and analyses, and calculating overall profitability, as well as drilling down into individual crops and the feedyard.

Through trusted oversight of the financial side of the business, Tiffany Cattle was able to purchase another feedyard. The Tiffany brothers leveraged the value and expertise afforded by KCoe Isom’s ability to understand their business and vision of where they wanted to take it. A deal was structured and implemented by providing projections, key financials, purchase structure, and agricultural operations insight. Additionally, KCoe acted as a liaison between lenders, accountants and attorneys to set up, structure, and finalize the purchase, allowing for comprehensive tax minimization.

Today, the relationship with KCoe and Tiffany is evident, as they meet monthly—often around the dinner table—to evaluate opportunities, share ideas, and develop plans for the future.