Making a Difference in Your World

Kristin Weeks Duncanson

Duncanson Growers

Sometimes you have to go out on a limb. That’s the only way you’re going to make a difference, in your business, in your community and in the world. By looking at sustainability from a multi-dimensional perspective, we’ve shown that growers can mitigate their risk and use their progress for a competitive advantage.

Kristin and Pat Duncanson, owners and partners of Duncanson Growers—a Minnesota-based corn, soy and hog farm—knew something was afoot when they heard the word ‘sustainability’ used at national and statewide industry association meetings. When others heard, ‘sustainability,’ Kristin and Pat heard ‘risk mitigation.’ They saw an opportunity for their farm to improve its odds of survival given market volatility and knew they needed to get started immediately. Duncanson Growers is a working example of how paying attention to the ‘triple bottom line’ (TBL)—social, environmental (or ecological) and economic—reaps benefits.

Since completing a ResourceMAX™ assessment in 2014, Duncanson Growers has shared the results of operating the farm in a measurable and sustainable way with its partners, even exploring opportunities with new customers. Kristin and Pat continue to spread the word on how Duncanson Growers goes way beyond the basic questionnaire or checklist. This ‘triple bottom line’ strategy helps Duncanson Growers make sound business decisions to tackle complex issues like natural resource challenges, win more contracts for wider distribution and gain loyal end-customers.