Trends & Topics: The Best Ag News a Little off the Beaten Path vol. 6

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The Best Ag News a Little off the Beaten Path

Trends & Topics is the best ag news–a little off the beaten path. It’s a weekly look at some of the most important food and agriculture news you might not see if you don’t stay tuned to this channel. We think you’re sure to learn a thing or two from the best ag news to make your business better. You can decide whether or not you want to share it with the farmers down at the coffee shop.

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Top Story: 5 Questions with Michael Williamson

Packing Equipment Company Stays Ahead of Challenges by Innovating

AB&B Packing Equipment Company experiences many of the same ups and downs as its clients.     Read more: AB&B Packing     Source: Growing Magazine

More Evidence that GMOs are Safe

If Scientists are Right about Climate Change, then Why Not GMOs?

According to an article in Science Daily, genetically modified organisms are a safe way to feed the world.    Read more: Scientists: GMOs are safe

Environmental Ideas

The Definition of Agriculture Income in India

Compare and contrast with US definition(s).      Read more: Indian Income Tax

Women in Agriculture

Purdue to Host Event March 8 in Lafayette

Upcoming conference promises time for food, fellowship and great times.    Read more: Purdue Women in Agriculture

Just Because They’re So Darned Cute


Market Minute

Corn Outlook from Top Producer

In case you missed it, here is an update/outlook.      Read more: AgWeb Corn Outlook

Sheep quilt. Thanks to Bonnie Prouty and Debbie Irving for sharing.

sheep quilt

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Tax Reform Prompts Businesses to Rethink Employee Leave Policies

New Tax Liability Credit is Changing How Business Owners Compensate Employees During Leave While there tends to be focus on the larger line items res...

Significant Tax Credit Increase Available for CO2 Capture

Expansion of 45Q Tax Credit Could Fuel Ethanol Industry Innovations in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) In February 2018, Congress approved the most significant ...

Farm Bill Update

Will it Pass in the House? In a continued effort to secure support for the farm bill, set to expire in September, House Agriculture Chairman Mike Con...

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